Norandex Housewrap

Norandex offers two different varieties of housewrap, residential and commercial. The following list highlights the benefits of choosing either the residential or commercial varieties of the Norandex Housewrap products.

  • Superior weather resistant barrier
  • Product can be imprinted with business logo
  • Installed with Seam tape or staples therefore does not need expensive cap nails
  • Perm rating is appropriate for all climates
  • Not affected by surfactants, such as soaps, cleaning agents, detergents
  • Features 9 month protection from ultraviolet degradation
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Micro-perforated to allow waterborne vapor to permeate out though the wrap and into the atmosphere
  • Improves efficiency of wall insulation and seals cracks and seams in walls to reduce drafts for a more comfortable home
  • Woven, polypropylene wrap is tough and tear resistant
  • Will not support mold growth
  • Meets or exceeds standards for all code approvals
  • Can be used under vinyl siding, stucco, wood, steel, brick stone and fiber cement


Norandex residential housewrap comes in two varieties: Norandex Wrap and Norandex Wrap Plus

 Norandex Wrap is 5.5 Mils thick.

 Norandex Wrap Plus is 6.5 Mils thick.


Norandex commercial is offered in three varieties: X Wrap Commercial, X Wrap High Perm, and X Wrap Low Perm. All three commercial products offer the ALTA 360 degree™ drainage. ALTA 360 degree™ technology drains in every direction. The X Wrap protects from severe weather conditions and environments in multi-family dwellings or commercial buildings that exceed 4 stories. All three options are 8 Mils thick.

X Wrap Commercial

  • Air Penetration Resistance
    • 0.008 (ASTM E2178)
    • >1800 (Gurley Hill)
    • Type 1 (ASTM E1677)
  • Water Vapor Transmission
    • 245 (ASTM E96 Method A)
    • 35 (perms)
    • 435 (ASTM E96 Method B
    • 62.6 (perms)

X Wrap High Perm

  • Air Penetration Resistance
    • 0.00082 (ASTM E2178)
    • >2500 (Gurley Hill)
  • Water Vapor Transmission
    • 385 (ASTM E96 Method A)
    • 55 (perms)
    • 465 (ASTM E96 Method B)
    • 67 (perms)

X Wrap Low Perm

  • Air Penetration Resistance
    • 0.0013 (ASTM E2178)
    • >2000 (Gurley Hill)
  • Water Vapor Transmission
    • 105 (ASTM E96 Method A)
    • 15 (perms)
    • 72 (ASTM E96 Method B)
    • 10.4 (perms)