Metal Trim Coil Products

Norandex Trim Coil is available to add finishing touches to your home. The Trim Coil is available in Smooth, PVC, Northern Pine embossed and Southern Cedar embossed. Northern Pine is available in the Northern part of the United States and Southern Cedar is available in the Southern part of the United States.

Wood grain Embossing has some major features and benefits.

  • There is a larger selection of colors. Thirty-six colors to be exact that match the Norandex Siding.
  • The wood grain embossing is unique since the embossing takes place before the color is added.
  • The opposite side of the coil is white unless you request a color over color option.
  • The embossing is mar resistant making it easier to bend on the break without spoiling the finish.
  • The paint finish is one of the strongest in the industry and is backed by the industry leading warranty.

Thickness: 0.19 Aluminum

We also offer Trim coil to match your PerfeXion windows! The Trim Coil is available in Aluminum 24” Textured. This trim coil is available in the following colors: Cappuccino, Clay, Coffee, Espresso, Silver Metallic, Tan, and White.